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Are you still doing tours? Thanks
Debbie Edwards
I have sharks teeth and fossils out of Peace River and the mines that I would like to sell. If you’re interested please give me a call.
Michelle Kelly
Interested in canoe fossil hunting trip within next 5-7 days. Any?
Rob Clapper
Fred, I am wanting to do a fossil hunting trip with the family (kids almost 5 and 8) the week before Christmas. How is the trip for 4/5 yr olds and is December a good time to come? I lived in Florida as a kid and found a megalodon tooth in the surf at Venice Beach as a kid. I'd love to let my kids have the thrill. Thanks
Ruth Kruckenberg
Good afternoon! My husband and I will be in Florida the week of 9/12/22 to 9/17/22. I would like to see if you have a tour on any of those days except the 15th. Or if we could get a price to book a private tour. This is something I've always wanted to do but didn't know there was such a thing until about a month ago. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you so very much!!! Ruth
Ryan Suthard
Hello. I am staying in the Sarasota area from July 10th through the 15th. I have 2 sons who are 8 and 9 and we are looking to do a shark tooth/fossil hunting tour. Do you only do canoe trips or are there walk-in trips as well? I would prefer walk-in but am good with either. Please advise if I can schedule a trip. Thank you!
Brandon Jordan
Looking to find Magaldon Teeth. Please send me more info
Joe Taylor
Do you have any tour dates open for Saturday the 2nd? Is there any where we could go to guarantee finding a shark tooth or other fossil? Or at least have a very high chance. My daughter and I would love to find one.
Hi Fred, do you have any tours available for sharks teeth hunting tomorrow. We live up the road in Indialantic. Wanted to head down south because we heard you could find teeth in wabasso. Not sure where to go once we get down there. If your booked, do you have any suggestions on a place to pick up some teeth.
Toby Gettler
Hello, I'm interested in booking a fossil canoe tour for my family of four. (Me, my wife, and 12yr/8yr old daughters). Do you have any availability on Friday, July 15th? Thanks! -Toby
Andrea Otto
I am interested in doing a canoe tour of four people on July 6th. Is this date available?
Sue Powell
Hello, My family and I would like to think about a tour while we are in town. We have about 7 people in our group and are thinking Sunday, July 31, 2022. Do you still do these tours? Does it cost $125/pp? I had hip replacement and prefer not to canoe, but am open to the idea if it is not especially long. Thank you, Sue Powell
Bryce Keyser
Hello, my wife and I are planning to come down for a week end of July first of August. Curious if you had any trips available then. Our favorite part of going to the beach is hunting shark teeth. This will be our first trip to Florida! Look forward to hearing back. Thank you!
Michelle wacker
Hello, just found this page. I have been digging the Peace River for years and love it. I wanted to explore different rivers but no one ever wants to explore with me. The St John’s River looks exciting. How much do you charge for your trips and which locations do you offer? I have my own kayak and digging tools. Thank you for your help, Michelle Wacker
Kevin Willaman
Hi! My girlfriend and I originally had a tour booked with you in Ha airy but it was during that record breaking cold front so we all decided to cancel it I’m wondering if we could do a tour with you on Monday, June 27th? I know it’s out of season, but is the rivers level ok to still go hunting and also, it is especially buggy given it’s summer? -kevin
Ralph Attanasia
We're looking to go either Sunday or Monday. It will be either 3 or 4 people. 2 adults and one 7 year old for sure. There might be one more adult.
Kathie Moburg
We will be in the Fort Myers area from 7-1 through 7-9. Very interested in possibly taking a fossil hunting tour.... Can you give me some dates/times that tours would be available?
Melissa Celichowski
Hi, I was wondering if you are still running the fossil tours this year?
Jared Flurry
Hi, I’m in St. Petersburg on business and it looks like I’ll have Saturday (June 25th) free. Is there a tour going out that day? I don’t have a US cell but can Skype if needed. Thanks!
Steven Powers
I am interested in going on a fossil/shark tooth trip in the next couple of weeks with my 14 year old son.
Hello I was interested in finding out how you would go about finding a tour to do with a family of four. I live in Vero and I would love to have an experience like this. How would you go about it?
Richard Carson
Are you available next Thursday, June 30th. There are 3 of us total. I would like to bring our boys ages 22 and 18. We are in St Pete Beach and sent in our fossil permits last week.
Kevin Gaffney
Hi Fred, Kevin Gaffney here. I did a fossil hunt with you back several years ago, and it was a blast. I have friends visiting from Texas, and I'd like to do it again with them. The total number of people going is 3 (2 adults and 1 teen). We're available Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24. Do either day work for you? Thank you, Kevin Gaffney
Kerry Capito
Hi! I used to live in Wyoming and rock hounded/fossil hunted up there with the Casper Museum. I am interested in finding out more info about fossil tours etc here in Florida. I live in Pasco County.
Greg Wrenn
Hello, Do you have three spots available for a fossil hunting expedition in the Peace River on Dec. 26? We're visiting from out of state and would like to bring along a local family member. Thank you, Greg Wrenn 510-990-7117