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Jeff Meyer
Hello Fred, My daughter and I spent a day on one of your excursions several years ago and had a wonderful time! We are planning another visit to Florida in December and would love to do another excursion and wanted to know if you would be offering outings in the latter part of that month, We will be there (roughly) Dec. 14th-28th and would be very flexible on time and date. I realize this is still very early to be looking ahead that far and it will be close to holidays, so we completely understand if you are not available then. Just wanted to know if this would be a possibility. Thanks! Jeff Meyer
Scott M Rosiek
Is there a possibility of getting out this weekend on Saturday for me and my 2 daughters 16y and 12y
Tracy Fortner
Hello! My family and I are very interested in going on your fossil tours. We have a few questions, thank you 🙂 Is the meet up location still in Arcadia? How far are you currently booked out? Do you require a deposit? Can we expect the tour to go every bit of 6 hours? Are the canoes all two person?
Robert Dean
Hi, I'm here with my family this week. Do you have any open spots? The girls are afraid of gators so it would only be me and my son. Thanks, Robert.
Been to peace river fossil hunting for shark teeth 4 times or so. We are planning on going this Wednesday although may be intrested in a new adventure that is more lucrative? What are the odds of finding a megladon or just larger Teeth?
Kathleen OLeary
Do you have any tours available this week on Thursday?
Paige robinson
Hi, I am looking to book a shark tooth specific tour for next week anyway from Wednesday the 5th through Saturday the 8th for two adults. What availability do you have during those dates? Thanks so much.
Paige robinson
Hi, I am looking to book a shark tooth specific tour for next week anyway from Wednesday the 5th through Saturday the 8th for two adults. What availability do you have during those dates? Thanks so much.
Chad Shifflet
Looking to find some shark teeth with my sons sometime between 4-9 April. How do I reserve a slot?
Ari Muskat
(305) 934-5119
Hey! Do you have space for two people tomorrow Monday 27th?
Sarah Mitchell
+61 420 024 405
Hello there, I'd like to inquire about a fossil hunting tour for 3 adults on Wednesday, March 29th. We're staying in Port Charlotte. Do you have availability? We're travelling from Australia so my phone number is not local. (Sorry!) If you reply by email, I can phone you. Kind regards, Sarah Mitchell
Brent Holderbaum
Hi Fred. Would like to go out with you on Tuesday 3/2. 4 people. Let me know. Thanks.
clare parker
401 2188818
Interested in shark teeth tour. Not sure about ability to get in and out of canoe. Any sit upon?
Philippa "Phil" Every
HI, I'd like to take my goddaughter on a canoe fossil tour 4/1/23. What do I need to do to reserve a spot, etc.? Thank you.
Braden Evans
We are coming to FL in June and my wife is obsessed with finding sharks teeth and has never found a megalodon and this year it’s our first wedding anniversary so I’m trying to surprise her with a trip somewhere to be able to find one thanks in advance can’t wait to hear from you
Dathan Lewis
I am looking to book a fossil hunting trip the first week in June. My family will be staying in Venice beach. There would be three adults on the trip.
Kimberly Ashmore
Hello. I was wondering what parts of florida you do your fossil tours. We will be in the Cocoa beach/cape canaveral area from 4/1/23-4/8/23. We are really interested in shark teeth. any and all info is greatly appreciated.
Jamey Wyatt
Good afternoon, I am looking to book a tour for my family but have some questions. My son,8, just finished chemo for leukemia and he still is working on building up his strength and stamina but I think he would love this but I wanted to check how strenuous it is. Thanks for the info.
Jennifer Witt
(716) 998-2257
Hi! My husband Dennis and my son Devin went out with you guys in November but the water was too high so you guys weren’t able to go to the river but you took them to some other areas. They had a great time but really want to explore what they can find in the river. We will be heading back down to Florida next week and I was wondering what you have available for that week. The dates we will be there are April 2-7th. Thanks in advance! Jenn Witt
Barbara Davila
Our granddaughter is interested in this but she is 14. I worry about alligators in the river and also bacteria that can cause flesh eating disease. Can I tell I am in medical profession. Is she to young? Also bathrooms? Do I understand correctly that one tour is for shark teeth and the other is looking for different fossils? They will be here visiting from 4/3 to 4/7 but 4/5 is taken. What days do the tours run? Thanks so much, Barb Davila
Tom Woodall
My wife and I would like to go on a fossil hunting trip to the Peace River with Fred. We live in Cape Coral and our schedule is flexible. Thanks Tom
Troy Waddell
Family of four. We took this tour a couple of years ago and thinking about a return. Any openings the week of May 29th or June 5th? Thanks, Troy
Jim Lynch
Hello, I'm interested in a fossil tour for my family of 3. (Wife and 10 year old). Do you have any availability this weekend? Also, I was wondering if you could accommodate a small Cub Scout troop for a more organized event for some time in the future. Thanks, Jim
We are interested in taking our boys on a megalodon teeth hunt this summer. Is this something you do?
Krista Tullock
Hello, I know it is last minute but I was wondering if you had any openings for fossil hunting the weekend or next week? Mar. 25, 26, or 28, 29? There would be 5 people, 3 adults and 2 children (6, 9) Thank you so much. I have heard great things about your tour. Krista Tullock