The Fossil Discovery Hour

Our purpose is to educate and create a sense of appreciation for Florida’s paleontological history. Our programs strive to be both fun and educational. Question and answer sessions to further explore related topics in geology and archaeology are always encouraged. The Fossil Discovery Hour can be tailored for all age ranges including a modified program for adults and a mixed age range program for library and other groups.

The Fossil Discovery Hour

Part One: Fossil “Show and Tell” along with question and answer session. Rare and unusual fossils found over the years on our tours are showcased for discussion- much of this section is “hands-on” with real Florida fossils; we think it adds an extra dimension for participants to be able to see up close and hold the fossils we’re talking about.

Part Two: Fossil exploration and “Dig.” Participants will be given identification chart and paper plate of fossiliferous gravel in which they can find numerous fossils including shark teeth, bones, fish remains, stingray spines and teeth, shells and many other remains of ancient marine life. We will circulate among the room and help identify anything of interest. Any fossils found are yours to keep and bring home. All materials and cleanup is supplied by Paleo Discoveries. The Fossil Discovery Hour runs approximately 1hr. References available on request.

Prices for the Fossil Discovery Hour are $250- $300 for the first session and $200 – $250 for subsequent sessions the same day. Multiple programs can be arranged at discounted rates. Program group size limited to 30 or less for school programs and 75 for libraries and other organizations.

Paleo Discoveries offers both on-location educational programs and guided fossil-hunting tours for many other groups besides schools- nature centers, libraries, local history groups, fossil clubs, boy/girl scouts and various other youth and adult groups who want to introduce their students and members to Florida paleontology.

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