Welcome to Paleo Discoveries

Welcome to Paleo Discoveries™

Check out Florida’s fossil history on our Fossil Hunting Tours!!

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Large Fossilized Sharks Tooth Screen sift or snorkel in one of Florida’s shallow rivers or streams, find remains of ancient sharks, whales, dolphins, fish, saber-tooth cats, jaguars, mammoths, mastodons, camels, tapirs, horses, sloths, giant armadillos and much more. Join us and discover your own piece of history– one that you can actually hold in your hand! Unlike a fishing trip, you’ll always come home with something- these day trips are safe, fun and educational. Experience genuine Florida eco-tourism.

Fossil-Hunting Tours

We offer canoe-based fossil hunting tours. These tours generally take place on the Peace River in the towns of Zolfo Springs, Wauchula, and Arcadia and are approx. 1 hr east from Sarasota. [Learn More]

Fossil Educational ProgramsFossil Educational Programs

Our purpose is to educate and create a sense of appreciation for Florida’s paleontological history. Programs strive to be both fun and educational. Question and answer sessions to further explore related topics in geology and archaeology are always encouraged. [Learn More]

Fossil Store

Fossils, display materials, shirts, books and more. Many of the products featured on our online store are available during our tours- just ask! How about a gift certificate for someone special? [Visit Fossil Store Now]