Florida Fossil Field Trip

Our purpose at Paleo Discoveries is to educate and create a sense of appreciation for Florida’s paleontological history. Our programs strive to be both fun and educational. Question and answer sessions to further explore related topics in geology and archeology are always encouraged. The Super Florida Field Trip can be tailored for all age ranges including a modified program for adults and a mixed age range program for library and other groups.

Florida Fossil Field Trip

Are you an educator interested in paleontology and looking for a special field trip for your students? Take a look at this 2 for 1 package trip we perform in Gainesville:

Part One: Visit the Florida Museum of Natural History and we’ll give your group a guided tour of the remarkable “Florida’s Fossils- Evolution of Life and Land” exhibit and the rest of the museum as well.  A great field trip in and of itself, this tour takes approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours. 

Part Two: After the museum tour(s), we’ll take a break for lunch and then do an on-site fossil dig for lots of real Florida fossils the students will get to keep! We’ll give each student approximately a cup of our fossil-rich gravel from the Peace River where we do our regular fossil-hunting tours. This gravel is loaded with Miocene and Pleistocene fossils. Most commonly found are shark teeth but there are often stingray fossils, fish, whale, dolphin, and land mammal bones and teeth from Ice-Age Florida. Typically, 20-30 fossils can be found in a single cup; many of the shark teeth are 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ long.

Take advantage of these two unique opportunities in one day and give your students a memorable experience in Florida history/paleontology. We can perform this field trip for as little as $20. per student depending on group size. Call or email for an exact quote and more details about this trip.

Anyone with enthusiasm to explore the really old Florida is cordially invited!

email-  fredmazza at paleodiscoveries dot com